The Hypercom T7 Plus

The Hypercom T7Plus is designed for merchants requiring a compact countertop POS terminal which accepts all magnetic stripe cards and delivers fast, online transaction authorizations. The T7Plus delivers more – with peripheral acceptance of contactless RF cards and fobs. The compact terminal is also EMV4.0 certified. With its 35 or 19-key configuration, it initiates daily functions and transactions with one simple step. The T7Plus utilizes the SureLoad® printer which allows simple paper roll replacement – paper rolls can be dropped in place without timeconsuming feeding through slots and rollers. The printer also supports longer paper rolls for fewer paper changes and its see-through paper holder alerts cashiers to low paper conditions.

The T7Plus is customizable. It’s the first of its kind to offer bi-lingual screen displays. Big 5 Chinese and English can be shown simultaneously, meeting the needs of Chinese-speaking merchants and cashiers.

• General Retail
• Multi-merchant
• Restaurants
• Pharmacies
• Grocery stores
• C-stores

High Performance. Low Cost.
• Compact design — Available in 35 and 19-key configurations
• “One-touch” feature — Allows common functions at the push of a button
• Multi-merchant feature — Up to 20 unique merchant IDs in one terminal
• Value-added application support — Check, loyalty, EBT and prepaid applications
• Large paper roll — 2” and 3”, 80mm paper roll for more transactions
• Trusted & stable — Low failure rates
• Modem — Up to 56K
• Contactless payment — External readers support for cards and fobs
• Security — Boot lock feature protects against unauthorized reloading
• Visa PED — Optional, integrated PINpad model available

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Retail Credit Card Processing
Credit Card Processing Restaurant
Online Credit Card Processing
Mail Order Credit Card Processing
Wireless Credit Card Processing