TeleCheck Eclipse

The Eclipse® multi-payment capability terminal provides the ability to authorize and settle credit cards (including Visa® and MasterCard® Purchasing Card, Level II), and debit cards, as well as the convenience of the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA®) service. The terminal, with integrated inkjet printer and check imager, converts paper checks into electronic items at the point of sale and provides fast electronic deposits to the merchant account. This terminal is generally useful for merchants vulnerable to check fraud.

The Eclipse Payment Terminals potential benefits include:

• Touch Screen Capability, a light tap is all it takes to follow the intuitive prompts as they guide you quickly through each transaction.

• The integrated inkjet printer requires less counter space and reduces cables and cords.

• The integrated check reader reads check information twice, reducing MICR read errors and converts paper into electronic items more accurately.

• No more messy stamps. The ECA checks are automatically voided, and non-ECA checks are franked, saving time and minimizing error.

• Eliminates manual entry of payment cards and driver’s licenses (for licenses with magnetic stripe), speeding up check-out time and reducing procedural errors.

• Provides easy access to payment information, including total and detail reports for each payment type.

• The Eclipse payment terminal stores 300 check and 300 card transactions “BATCH ALMOST FULL” prompt alerts merchants when they have reached 250 transactions.

• An innovative touch screen application
• Integrated Inkjet Printer
• Integrated Check Reader
• Voids and Franks Checks Automatically
• Driver’s License Magnetic Swipe
• Full Reporting Capability
• Large Batch Capacity

Retail applications include:
• Debit
• Address Verification Services (AVS)
• Commercial Card Support
• Purchase Card Level II (Nashville)
• Account Number Truncation
• TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA)

Restaurant applications include:
• Debit
• Commercial Card Support
• Account Number Truncation
• Bar Tab Supported
• IRS Trac Reporting
• TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) Specifications

Payment Terminal Dimensions
• Height: 3.95″ (75 millimeters)
• Width: 5.75″ (146 millimeters)
• Depth 11 4″ (290 millimeters )

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Retail Credit Card Processing
Credit Card Processing Restaurant
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