LinkPoint VirtualCheck

Need an alternative to credit cards? Accept checks online with the LinkPoint® VirtualCheck™ service and have your check payments automatically processed for you. Powered by TeleCheck®, the leader in check transactions, VirtualCheck gives merchants an alternative payment option that works with any LinkPoint Internet solution. With an amazingly straightforward user interface, it’s simply the easiest way to accept checks online.

LinkPoint VirtualCheck: It’s the next best thing to seeing green.
Features at a Glance

• Brings an additional payment option to all LinkPoint payment solutions

° LinkPoint Central
° LinkPoint Connect
° LinkPoint API

• Eliminates the hassles of paper checks
• Transfers funds automatically from the consumer’s account to the merchant account
• Gives you an intuitive interface that’s just like completing a real check
• Reduces data entry errors
• Gives users ready assistance with on-screen rollover help
• Eliminates invalid data entries with real-time error checking
• Gives immediate declines for high-risk transactions
• Compares transaction data against TeleCheck’s negative database at the point of sale
• Reduces the risk of accepting bad checks
• Fills in your business name on the check automatically, so it’s clear where the money is going
• Shows transaction amount automatically on the check interface
• Includes Java™ servlet technology for fast transaction times

Intuitive Check User Interface looks like a real check

• Allows LinkPoint Central users to easily enter data on the same point-of-sale page used for credit card orders
• Reduces work for LinkPoint Connect Web site developers with a ready-made VirtualCheck interface

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